Snow & Glow Christmas Show


Festival Information

WEATHER – All ballooning activities are weather dependent. Ballooning is a fair weather sport. Balloons will not be put up in the rain. Winds must also be light in order for balloons to set up safely. Ideal conditions are for wind speeds to be 3-5 MPH. As wind speeds increase beyond 8-10 it is unlikely balloons will be able to set up. Wind updates are provided onsite and on  our FACEBOOK site for each Balloon Glow and is shared shortly after the weather and decisions are shared with the pilots. Please be considerate on our Facebook page! 
We understand the weather can be frustrating but safety always comes first in our decision making. If the balloon cannot set up due to high winds we will do a fantastic "Candlestick Glow or Rocket Glow".

BALLOON RIDES - We will offer tethered balloon rides all day (weather permitting).  The price is $20 per person. 

PARKING AND ADMISSION – Parking is FREE and admission is $15 adults and $10 for kids, kids under 2 FREE.  General parking is plentiful. VIP Parkign is available. Handicapped parking is also available.    This event draws thousands of people so traffic backups can be extensive. Please plan accordingly, especially during peak times of 5am-9am and 3pm – 8pm. EARLY BIRDS can arrive as early as 3pm

RV PARKING -  RV’s are welcome and parking is $25 for RV's.

CHARTER BUS- We welcome and encourage Charter and tour bus companies to attend the event. We offer a designated parking area, relatively close to the center of activities.  Contact us for more information.

CRAFT FAIR –  We will offer over 100 craft & retail vendors!  Lots to do and see for ALL AGES!

FOOD VENDORS - We will have all types of Festival Food on hand in our Food Truck Pavilion!

PETS NOT ALLOWED – We love pets too but they can be spooked by the loud pitch of the balloon burners. In addition, with large crowds they can be a safety hazard. Please be kind an courteous to the festival and others by following this request.

DRONES NOT ALLOWED - Due to safety concerns, any kind of drones are not permitted .

SMOKING NOT ALLOWED – Balloons use propane gas to make their flame. As this gas is flammable, smoking could endanger the balloonist and all spectators as well. So we politely ask that you refrain from smoking on the launch field while the balloonists are preparing to fly.

HOW TO DRESS – dress in layers and boots. December is the start of winter and cooler temperatures. Bring a flashlight as well if you plan on coming for the moonglow.

General Information & Helpful tips

*Please leave your dogs and other pets at home.


*Feel free to bring blankets, lawn chairs

*Please be courteous to pilots and others by not smoking.

*Arrive early and please have patience, as this is a popular event, we draw very large crowds and traffic can be heavy.

*Bring a flashlight for early mornings and for the Moonglow on Friday & Saturday evening.